Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an application that helps boost revenuses by assisting the Business Development/sales team(s) in undertaking sales activities, customer interactions, marketing products and customer service efficiently. The tool enables businesses to gain knowledge about customer’s preferences and requirements, and is enabling them in customizing services to the customers to meet their demands. The tool also helps organizations in retaining their existing customers, closing deals and identifying who their the right target customer to whom the services can be offered. Additionally, the tool helps firms in sales force automation, sales pipeline management, etc.

Product Features

CRM as a solution is robust tools which helps companies connect with new customers and manage communication effectively with prospects and existing customers. The solution helps companies effectively manage their sales, marketing, technical support and customer service with the help of ground-breaking technologies.
Below are certain key features which enable companies to deliver effectively and efficiently:

Connections with current as well as prospective customers - Helps identify customers and enables maintain data and details in the CRM system, which can be further used by sales and marketing representatives for generating further business requirements.

Customer Support – The solution keeps a record of the projects undertaken with the clients and related details. This helps in providing extensive customer support and resolves issues for better customer delight and hence gets more business.

Cost Reduction – One of the most significant features is that it helps in reducing cost. The solution maintains data at a central place instead of maintaining it in isolated forms, leading to efficient utilization of resources.

Finding New Business Opportunities – Efficient business operations lead to the development of quality products, which thereby increase customer satisfaction; therefore, generating new business prospects.

Customer/Account Analysis Prioritization- The solution helps analyze the client and opportunity profitability basis their business type, need, history of projects undertaken, etc. A user can undertake analysis of customers crucial to identify and prioritize customer(s) important for business. As a result of this, an organization can focus on customers that help business in gaining more profits.