Enterprise Resource Planning

We provides end to end ERP solution from procurement till dispatch. It is built using latest technology for flexible working and is compatible with tablets, smartphones, desktop and laptop. It gives complete control over stock management, production process, sale of goods, dispatch & packaging of material with quality test for material. It gives real time tracking for batch processing with respect to current status. As an IT consulting company, our aim is to ensure that IT simply works for our clients, assisting them to achieve business objectives through the use of intelligent technology solutions. We offer an extensive range of technology services and IT solutions which have proven to solidify and complement our client's business operations. We continue to raise our client’s customer service expectations through innovation and common sense. Our IT company consists of intelligent, experienced IT consultants and staff who enjoy providing high quality, effective IT solutions to our clients and share our aim to make IT just simply work. We are committed to maintaining and building experience and certification within our team of professionals. Our infrastructure and management solutions are developed based on a strong understanding of our client's business operations. We guarantee our solutions and stand by our recommendations.
Vendor/Client details
•Product Management
•Purchase Management
•Stock Management
•Order Management
•Production Process
•Quality Test
•Sales Management
•Payment Collection
•Expense Management
•User Management