Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions provide an integrated approach for addressing current and future talent management issues. Organizations require the flexibility to scale solutions to their business strategies, operating models and culture. The result is an integrated, sustainable and measurable solution that drives greater productivity, alignment and quantifiable results.

HRMS is an exquisite software solution to manage overall HR operations for small to large scale companies. The software is a customizable and cost-effective solution facilitating the clients to administer and manage the core operations including payroll and workforce management. The solution is user friendly and enables capturing employee details, attendance, payroll structures, deductions and leave management effectively among other functions.

Product Features

HR Management: HR Management module automates all HR Functionalities and enables online maintenance of all the minute details pertaining to each employee in the system. This software is not only efficient but also saves a lot of time for the HR Officials to focus on other grievances of the employees.

Payroll Management: HRMS is a cloud/ In House based payroll management systems. The solution provides most scalable, robust and simplified payroll processing by providing comprehensive solution for all payroll operations including payroll structuring and calculations.

Attendance Management: Attendance management integrated within the software keeps an accurate record of check ins, check outs, leaves and overtime of all employees leading to a transparent environment in the company and helping the company disburse correct salary.

Leave Management: The Leave Management System maintains record of leaves of the employees. The module auto calculates balance leaves, leaves availed and total leaves provided to the employee thereby monitoring the absenteeism in the company and hence calculate correct salaries.

Employee Information System: The complete details of employees can be managed in an efficient manner. The employee details can be accessed and managed from anywhere anytime.

Appraisal Management: HRMS also offers Appraisal Management module that helps the enterprises to observe the performance of each employee.

Recruitment Management: Recruitment management module helps in maintaining data and applications of the candidates, tracking of applications and finally resulting in joining and completing the joining process. Thus increasing overall efficiency and optimizing the recruitment process.

Employee Self Service: HRMS keeps the employees updated with the recent happenings in the organization. Employees are provided login ids and passwords to access their information using ESS. The module allows employees to keep a track of their attendance and leaves on the go.

Mobile App: The software is available as Mobile App so as to keep pace with the changing era of e-businesses and related operations. This advance feature of the software enables anywhere anytime access of various software modules.

Biometrics: HRMS supports biometric system integration that enables the company to record in-out time of the employees in the premises through biometric identification which prevents from any fake attendance or false entry in the company.