Web Development - We’ve developed hundreds of high-performing websites.

Building on the foundation of your digital strategy , the Luint team will develop the building blocks of your website – the architecture, appearance, content and functionality.

We’ll consider essential elements such as site planning (so it’s easy for your visitors to use your site), ensuring content is browsable and scannable by search engines, and developing a tone that supports the conversations you want to have with your audiences.

We’ll also recommend the ideal CMS platform for your requirements, such as Concrete5, WordPress, Silverstripe, Joomla or Kentico .

The next stage is gathering, shaping and incorporating your written and visual content. Our proprietary systems make this a quick and easy process, so your website won’t get trapped in the dreaded ‘no man’s land’ of information delay. The final stage of development is just as easy. We manage each and every part of the process. So, whether it’s content loading, meta data creation, or final testing, you’ll always have a dedicated project team to work with.

Then there’s our ongoing maintenance and hosting services , which make running your new website an absolute breeze.

Ecommerce-Major brands use our eCommerce sites. We’ll provide you with a powerful sales platform that suits your needs.

eCommerce sites that provide you with a powerful, integrated sales platform.

We have experience across all forms of eCommerce. We work with clients ranging from large multi-nationals that sell to thousands of customers a year, through to specialist online boutiques.

We are experts at devising integrated, omnichannel eCommerce strategies – along with providing eCommerce design, development and support services.

We offer complete flexibility when it comes to our eCommerce approach. That means we’ll work closely with you to assess your needs and then develop a bespoke online sales solution (harnessing platforms such as MagentoWooCommerce or Shopify ) to meet your specific requirements.

Whether you’re a major brand, or one on the rise, you’ll be assured of an eCommerce site which will be intuitive to use and deliver the sales results you’re seeking.


Web & Mobile Apps - Our web and mobile app developers will provide your users with a bespoke, seamless experience Web and mobile apps provide a seamless extension of your digital reach.

Mobile devices are becoming more sophisticated by the day, with browsers that are equivalent to desktop computers. It means that mobile and web apps are now an essential element in the online space.

Luint has been working in the web and mobile app space since it first materialised. We’re masters at mapping and building the features that will make your mobile app (or site) relevant and valuable to users. Usability and functionality are top priorities. 

We understand what it takes to make a big impact within the limitations of a small screen .


Design & Usability - We’ll give you a powerful and visually stunning website. Your users will be enticed and engaged. A website must be both intuitive and visually stunning to entice and engage users.

Developing a website that doesn’t consider a user’s experience can lead to astronomical mishaps. It’s like building a car with the steering wheel in the back seat.

Ensuring visitors have a positive experience when using your website is crucial. That’s where  our expertise with User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design kicks in.

We understand how important it is to predict the precise needs of your users, and design a website that delivers exactly that. In fact, we’ve spent thousands of hours immersed in UI/UX design to assess what different consumer audiences want – and what they don’t.

We’re experts at developing cutting-edge digital interfaces to ensure your users behave as you intended – and come back to your site again (and again).